Product Introduction

MPL is one of the leading manufacturers of LT switchgears for electrical power distribution system in Bangladesh. MPL’s LT switchgear provides control and protection of LV power equipment and circuits for industrial, commercial, and utility installations. It offers wide range of technologically advanced LT Switchgear products that provide flexible options. From cutting-edge design that allow for easy access, maintenance and space-savings, to ecological accountability, MPL’s LT switchgear solutions not only provide optimum power distribution, also meet demanding requirements on safety and flexibility The products have been developed for various fields of application offering a high level of protection and reliability.

Product Ranges

  • Power Control Centers
  • Intelligent Motor Control Centers
  • Synchronizing Panel
  • Multi Bus Bar Panels
  • Control & Relay Panels
  • PFI Plant up to 2400 KVAR
  • Change over switch
  • Distribution Board
  • Automation Panels

Product Features

  • Fully bolted structure (fixed / draw-out)
  • Non-hygroscopic, SMC and fiber Bus bar supports for fault withstand
  • Standardized design
  • Shrouded with Polycarbonate/ FRP sheets
  • Standard Interleaved Bus bar system above 2500 A
  • HST PVC sleeves and joint shrouds for Bus bars
  • Spacious cable alleys for easy access and maintenance

Product Specifications

  • Short Circuit: 10 kA , 25 kA, 35 kA, 50 kA, 70 kA, 100 kA
  • Rating of Bus-bar: 63 A to 6300 A, Copper