MPL HR Framework

The goal of the Human Resource Department of MPL is to have the best possible staff and to retain them through continuous development. The organization recognizes the policy of equal employment opportunity for its employee who has the potential to enhance and utilize their skills and knowledge.

MPL would like to manage its Human Recourses to support the achievement of its Mission with integrity and with quality through the following guiding principles:

MPL’s recruitment, promotion, development and retention practices are based primarily on merit, potential and performance that reflect, across the workforce to achieve the mission of MPL.

MPL’s policies and practices foster a learning environment.

MPL’s policies and practices foster a workplace where employees, management program beneficiaries and stakeholders are treated with respect.

MPL’s employee relations and practices are implemented so that the workforce perceives them to be applied fairly. To this end,

  • Policies and practices are stated clearly and in writing and make available to all employees.
  • For each employee, an employee file that is accurate, confidential and up to date is maintained and accessible to the employee

The employees and Line Managers of MPL shall abide by the policies, rules and regulations of the organization, which are already in force and those that may come into force in future.